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Integrate SSO Using ORY Hydra/Kratos

What we do:

  1. Implement SSO.
    Setting up a system allowing users to use one set of credentials to access multiple services, making login simpler and more secure.
  2. Analyze & Integrate.
    Reviewing your current login system and integrate ORY Hydra/Kratos to enable SSO.
  3. Test everything.
    Thoroughly test the SSO setup to ensure it works seamlessly and securely.

What we don’t do in this offer:

  • Develop new login protocols.
    We specialize in using ORY Hydra/Kratos for SSO and don’t build new login systems from scratch.
  • Work with incompatible systems.
    If your current system doesn’t work with ORY Hydra/Kratos, we’ll need to look at other solutions or adjustments.

What we expect from you:

  • Access to your current login system.
    This helps us understand how to best integrate SSO.
  • Your project details.
    Documentation about your current setup helps us tailor the SSO solution to fit your needs.
  • Your SSO requirements.
    Tell us what you specifically need from SSO to ensure the solution meets your goals.
  • Flexibility for complex projects.
    For more complex setups, we might need additional info or resources.

Delivery in: Custom (Depends on complexity)


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