Cybersecurity as a Service

Cybersecurity as a service is an outsourced model of collaboration with Optimum Web that protects your organization against the most common cyber threats in one simple monthly subscription service. With cybersecurity as a service, you will be able to achieve protection against key cybersecurity risks with our comprehensive risk, threat assessment, and suggested recommendations.

Six Pillars of Cybersecurity as a Service

Become Proactive, Effective, and Resilient at a Fraction of the Cost.


Achieve protection against cybersecurity risks with our comprehensive assessment and actionable recommendations.


Get unlimited access to our Cybersecurity Advisory Service with direct access to the world-class team of experts.


Our vulnerability discovery service enables you to find and fix software weaknesses before cybercriminals find and exploit them.


Provide comprehensive education to all your staff on threat types and actors —phishing, ransomware, social media engineering, and email misuse with our learning courses.


Communicate Important cybersecurity requirements across your company with a set of pre-written and customizable policy and procedure templates.


Respond to breaches fast, minimize impact with guidance and support from experienced security practitioners.

Cybersecurity as a Service is the fastest and easiest route to ongoing cybersecurity support brought to you by the leading cybersecurity service and risk management provider.

With Optimum Web Cybersecurity as a service offering, you get access to strategic and operational cybersecurity expertise cost-effectively without employing a full-time cybersecurity team.

Over two decades here at Optimum Web we have provided capabilities across all main domains of cyber risk, implemented a wide range of cybersecurity solutions for our clients, whereas our practitioners gained a wealth of expertise and hands-on experience of all the major security tools, frameworks, and technologies.

Optimum Web helps you establish effective cybersecurity controls of your most valuable and sensitive data assets while reducing risk, enabling productivity, and cost and management effort optimization objectives.

Cybersecurity As A Service

Protecting Your Company and Valuable Data

Protecting your company and valuable data from the threat of hackers, loss, malware and viruses is a serious and complex objective.

Do you lack the necessary skills and resources to manage cybersecurity effectively, understanding that so much critical data is being held not only on your in-house servers, but in the cloud, on laptops, desktops and hand-held devices?

Optimum Web brings you 24×7 security an integrated, fully customizable security solution that operates around the clock, 365 days a year that encompasses advanced security event monitoring, deep analytics, cyber threat intelligence and management, malware hunting and incident response for businesses – all aligned with your business needs. Our Cybersecurity as a service offering gives you absolute peace of mind, helps you protect your business against common cyber threats, while saving you time, effort, and money.