Application Modernization Services

Our Application Modernization service portfolio is aimed to transform end-user experience, enable new features, automate previously manual processes, accelerate legacy systems, and even launch new service offerings. We audit your legacy applications and IT systems quickly at a fair price.

Application Modernization Services

Take the Next Step in Modernizing Your Mission-Critical Applications

Cloud Migration

Use our application modernization to adopt a new technology stack, fix your legacy issues, and enable microservices implementation by migrating applications to the cloud.

Code Refactoring

We optimize the existing code of your legacy applications without changing external functionality to reduce technical debt, maintain business logic consistency, improve performance and scalability

Application Re-engineering

We rebuild your legacy software covering refactoring, quality metrics, toolchain and workflow, CI/CD pipeline, and infrastructure automation, making legacy applications future-proof.

Application Re-architecting

We apply an advanced approach to system modernization by re-architecting legacy software. Rewrite code and leverage the enhanced capabilities of a new technology stack.

Security Enhancement

We identify and remove all security vulnerabilities of your mission-critical business systems by adding full-stack security visibility and sunsetting functionalities that no longer serve a business function.

Legacy Software Maintenance

We bring automated maintenance processes and implement Continuous upgrades along with the DevOps best practices of Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Integration (CI).

Database Optimization

We monitor and execute database performance optimization in all types of applications. Continuous Upgrade along with the Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Integration (CI).

Conteinerization & Microservices

We decompose a monolithic application into microservices, migrating them to a microservices architecture, enforcing modular design to reduce costs and gain efficiencies. 

Application Modernization Services2

Application Assessment

Legacy applications remain in use due to the high cost of their redesign and replacement or data migration. Such software burdens any company’s ability to respond quickly to customer needs or regulatory compliance.

Legacy applications are a burden on IT infrastructure and represent a significant opportunity for cost reductions and delivering more value to the users.

Application modernization assessment is a moving target. We will also assess the systems and applications in use that may not be considered legacy. However, they might become a legacy soon due to the pace of technological change.

6 Benefits of Application Modernization

That Optimum Web Brings to the Table

1. Extended Functionality

We enable software security capabilities and controls to be deployed effort-effectively, within a short time frame.

2. Cloud-native Design

Cloud-native design of modernized applications allows to embrace rapid change, large scale, and resilience, accelerating the overall time from development to deployment, reducing it from days to hours.

3. Enhanced Security

We apply automation to reduce manual steps and ensure robustness and scalability as complexity, user base and data volume increase

4. Better Customer Support

We establish and implement pre-emptive and proactive controls to prevent and block accidental or malicious security incidents in the software products.

5. Flexible Deployment

We modernize your applications, providing insights to make decisions about what to re-platform, repackage, and refactor, which will optimize your overall resources and costs.

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6. Delivery Modernization

We modernize your applications through the implementation of cloud-native solutions, helping you achieve simplicity, reduced risk, increased control, and high-quality releases.

Application Modernization: Moving to the Future

Optimum Web offers a low-risk approach to help our clients re-architect their legacy applications by updating legacy code and adopting modern technologies like cloud, AI, analytics, and mobility. We extend your capability to rapidly respond to change at a fraction of the cost.

Application Modernization Services3
Application Modernization Services4

Application Modernization Service Deliverables

Today’s mobile workforce introduces new security challenges. The post COVID-19 increased work from home policies have amplified mobile security threats for users, applications, devices and networks.

  • Fixed cost of service and transparent timeframes
  • An in-depth report on the current state of your legacy applications and systems
  • Complete documentation of your application architecture, infrastructure, and systems
  • Application modernization costs analysis
  • Application modernization roadmap aligned with your business needs
  • Resource availability issues analysis
  • Well-documented recommendations to help you justify the need for modernization
  • The estimated cost of application modernization
  • The estimated cost of maintenance and support
  • Technology integrations roadmap
  • User experience mapping
  • Compatibility analysis with available systems