DevOps as a Service: Faster Software Delivery. Reduced Cost

Optimum Web helps you eliminate integration bottlenecks, enable end-to-end CI/CD pipeline transparency to deliver higher quality, more secure software products more efficiently.

DevOps as a Service: 16 Reasons to Use

Adopting DevOps as a Service Mode promotes the value of co-creation in addition to operational excellence and continual innovation. Our DevOps and DevSecOps experts are ready to assess your IT environment and outline a clear long-term DevOps adoption roadmap. Let our DevOps consulting professionals help you:

  1. Centralized resource management
  2. 24/7 tracking and monitoring
  3. Source control
  4. Version management and control
  5. Automated cloud environment provisioning
  6. Data virtualization
  7. Accessibility of cloud infrastructure and services
  8. End-to-end infrastructure management
    (applications, storage, database, infrastructure, networking, servers, etc.)
  9. Network and infrastructure security management
  10. Software deployment and release orchestration
  11. Continuous configuration automation at infrastructure and software levels
  12. Automated environment provisioning
  13. Container concepts provisioning
  14. Continuous monitoring
  15. Continuous Delivery pipeline automation and optimization
  16. Cloud resources management
    (like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more.)

Why Use DevOps as a Service by Optimum Web

Fast delivery of high-quality software is a top priority for any technology-driven business. Establishing and scaling your in-house DevOps capability is expensive and takes a long time and much effort to build.

DevOps continues to be a critical driver of enterprise transformation — Cloud’s takeover of the enterprise is nearly complete, giving architects the ability to take full advantage of modern cloud-based offerings. DevOps plays a critical role in developing complex IT systems and applications in the modern world.

Implementing DevOps as a Service model with Optimum Web will help you handle true agile delivery, manage the CI/CD pipeline while reducing friction. Our DevOps as a service portfolio opens the door of opportunities to improve software development and deployment and excel in the process using the right tools and technologies.

DevOps As A Service

14 Business Benefits of DevOps as a Service (DaaS) Model

  1. Collaborative development
  2. Fast access to professional DevOps engineers
  3. Accelerated delivery of software
  4. Software development innovation
  5. Customer satisfaction
  6. Software development agility
  7. Improved quality
  8. Enhanced reliability
  9. Improved security
  10. Reduced and predictable costs
  11. Minimized downtime and its cost
  12. Reduced software release costs
  13. Simplified data complexity and workflows
  14. Better documentation and quality control

Choosing the Right DevOps as a Service Provider

Streamline your development & software project delivery with our DevOps as a Service. Optimum Web’s DevOps consulting professionals are ready to:

  • provide a thorough assessment of your IT environment;
  • create a clear long-term DevOps adoption roadmap;
  • solve you toughest challenges that you are facing;
  • estimate costs for the various DevOps implementation models.
DevOps As A Service 2

Let Our DevOps Consulting Team Help You

  • Gather your business requirements and analyze your long-term goals
  • Provide you with a comprehensive IT environment audit, embracing maturity and risk assessment of various processes and factors
  • Evaluate the need of implementing DevOps at your project
  • Educate and train your in-house DevOps team
  • Offer a range of suitable DevOps implementation models
  • Recommend you appropriate DevOps tools and implement their seamless integration