deploy discord bot

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Deploy a simple discord bot to your server in 3 hours

What we do:

The DevOps does the following:

  1. Prepares the server for the installation
  2. Installs the bot and configures system services

What we don’t do:

Deployments using CPanel or Plesk

Deployment methods options:

  • Deployment on the host machine VPS
  • Docker-Compose (best for development)
  • Docker Swarm (recommended for production, setup takes longer ± 1-2 hours)

What we expect from you:

You have to provide all the information available that could help speed up the assessment and improve its accuracy:

  • Linux VPS/Bare Metal server with privileged SSH access

Development time: up to 3 hours
Delivery in: 2 working days
Tech Stack: NodeJS, Python, PHP, Other


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