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Portainer Technical Support

What we do:

  1. Fixing Portainer problems.
    Quick fixes for any issues with Portainer.
  2. Setting up portainer.
    Getting Portainer running smoothly.
  3. Expert Portainer advice.
    Tips and tricks on using Portainer effectively.
  4. Checking your setup.
    Lookin over your Portainer settings to make sure everything is optimal.
  5. Solving issues.
    If something goes wrong, we figure it out and fix it.
  6. Backup before we start.
    Making sure to back up your server before making changes.

What we do not include in this offer:

  • Unrelated support.
    Focusing on Portainer, not other software or systems.
  • Hardware fixes.
    We don’t handle physical server or hardware issues.
  • Managing your containers.
    Helping with Portainer, but managing your containers or apps is up to you.

What we expect from you:

  • Tell us what’s going wrong.
  • We need SSH access to where Portainer is set up.
  • Information about your system and how you’re using containers.
  • Quick responses and readiness to follow our advice.

Delivery in: 1+ hours


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