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    Our agile software development with remote teams a cohesive and highly motivated team, the art of the performance, an ability to meet client expectations and our innovative experience has made us the leading Software Development and IT-Outsourcing Provider on the IT market today.

    Collaboration Models

    Dedicated Development Team

    This model is applied for long-term projects. Is there hardship with stable project estimation? Scope of work is not complete or new features are being scheduled to add? Let's leverage tailored Dedicated Development Team!


    Time & Material model is used for long-term projects that have no clear plan and specifications. You pay for company’s services in parts according to the contract.

    Fixed Budget Model

    This model is applied for short-term projects mainly. You have clear business requirements and have no time to penetrate into specification? Let's make it together!

    Our Services

    Web Development

    Mobile Development

    Desktop Development

    Cloud Development

    Quality Assurance

    Meet Expectations

    Industry Knowledge

    Our industry knowledge is a basis to perfectly understand perfectly customer's business.

    Business Focused

    Optimum-web is not just a technical provider, we provide business solutions with high ROI.

    Part Of Your Team

    Across processes, methodologies and business culture up to "meeting of minds".

    Technical Expertise

    Our technical knowledge is our powerful tool that empowers your business with advanced solutions.

    Transparent Collaboration

    Transparency help us to establish long-term and trusted partnership we believe in.
    Customers' expectations

    Our Expertise

    Domain Expertise

    Domain based approach helps us to identify and recognize particularly your business needs and expectations and fulfill them.

    Industry Expertise

    Industry featured approach discloses set of representative services and solutions for your company branch and exposed-to-view to find out more.


    Classical approach implies deep knowledge and grasp of cutting-edge technologies inherent to Optimum-web which you might be interested in.
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