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6 DevSecOps Model Benefits

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DevSecOps: Building security into Applications

With the DevSecOps approach, security issues can be identified early in the software development process rather than after a product is released.

According to Gartner, DevSecOps is the integration of security into emerging agile IT and DevOps development as seamlessly and as transparently as possible. Ideally, this is done without reducing the agility or speed of developers or requiring them to leave their development toolchain environment.

DevSecOps is also the natural continuation of DevOps. With infrastructure becoming ever more complex in the cloud, it is critical than ever that DevOps embrace security from the outset. DevSecOps aims to solve the challenge of integrating security into the CI/CD pipeline by automating as many security tasks as possible, fostering communication between teams, and allowing an agile and secure development lifecycle.


Why Embrace a DevSecOps Model

DevSecOps embeds these governance and cybersecurity functions throughout the entire DevOps workflow.

Effective DevSecOps approach to application development security demands cross-functional collaboration and buy-in to ensure security controls are built into the entire product development lifecycle (product design, development, delivery, operations, support, etc.).

  • identity and access management (IAM),
  • privilege management,
  • unified threat management,
  • code review,
  • configuration management,
  • vulnerability management.

Why Choose Optimum Web DevSecOps Services

The following are some of the most important elements that highly successful DevSecOps teams share.

  1. Security is a shared responsibility. Period.
  2. DevSecOps teams thrive best in a highly supportive environment where everyone from individual team members to the supervisors and management embraces the culture, supporting cooperation and collaboration efforts.
  3. Our DevSecOps team members train continuously and improve their cybersecurity and operations management skills.
  4. We employ a modern suite of tools that can be used by developers, operations teams, and security teams equally.
  5. Our DevSecOps team activities are well-managed and transparent. We enhance strengths, overcome limitations, orchestrating each team’s core functions, integrating DevOps security seamlessly and efficiently into each phase of the software development lifecycle.
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