Software Deployment

Optimum Web Software Deployment services help you to lessen costs, improve application quality, abbreviate time to market. We at Optimum Web always choose a software deployment strategy concerning the needs of the product. We are ready to implement complex, no-downtime deployment strategies for your 24/7 business-critical applications. To make sure you choose the right software deployment partner, technology stack, and get access to tech experts, contact our team.

10 Benefits of Software Deployment

Our Application Deployment Service Portfolio is aimed to ensure an end-to-end deployment process, provide powerful Continuous Integration, making it easier for you to:

  1. Rapidly release new applications and features.
  2. Avoid downtime during application deployment.
  3. Handle the complexity of updating your applications.
  4. Fully automate software deployments.
  5. Eliminate the need for manual operations.
  6. Ensure centralized control and the status of your deployments.
  7. Implement blue/green deployment approach.
  8. Provide high visibility of the deployment progress and history.
  9. Eliminate the risks of errors.
  10. Optimize DevOps and CI/CD operations

Choose the Right Software Deployment Partner

We manage the entire deployment workflow to enable efficient application deployment and regular updates and seamless rollouts.

We implement Software Deployment best practices to:

  • achieve predictable, reliable, and repeatable code deployment;
  • enable deployment in various environments;
  • prevent or minimize application downtime;
  • manage and resolve incidents;
  • ensure minimal impact on users;
  • minimize human and management errors;
  • ensure no-downtime deployments;
  • proactively manage incidents before they affect your customers;
  • document our strategies in runbooks;
  • always keep your services running!
Software Deployment 1

We Use the Best Deployment Automation Tools

We automate your application deployments, protecting your applications from downtime during deployments through deployment health tracking.

  • Ansible
  • Bitbucket pipelines
  • Docker 
  • Github actions
  • Gitlab
  • Jenkins
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform
Software Deployment 2

Let Our Software Deployment Consulting Team Help You

By making use of our software deployment services and tools, IT administrators and entire organizations can save resources with greater flexibility & control over the entire application deployment lifecycle.

  1. Pre-Deployment activities
  2. Post-Deployment activities
  3. Software Repository
  4. Installation/uninstallation
  5. Schedule deployment
  6. Distributing software without manual intervention saving time and effort.
  7. Patch management
  8. IT asset management