Cloud Migration

Value-driven Cloud Migration Journey. Make Multi-Cloud Strategic.

With our Сloud Migration Services Portfolio, we ensure a smooth transition of your applications and data to leading cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and more.

Cloud Migration Service Offerings

Our Cloud Migration services portfolio is designed to help you make use of new opportunities the cloud technologies offer. We help bring all business-critical digital assets, services, databases, IT resources, and applications into the cloud, including cloud-to-cloud migration.

We help you incrementally re-architect your legacy applications and migrate them to the cloud in well-planned and secure waves.

We modernize and transform your applications and IT-assets, making them cloud-intelligent and future-proof.

We help you realize immediate operational cost savings, reduce dependencies on legacy software, accelerate software delivery speed, enabling you to innovate faster, and deliver advanced experiences to your customers.

Migrate to the Cloud with Confidence

Due to COVID, enterprises will drive their cloud use higher, while demands for application modernization and cloud migration continue to escalate in scope and depth.

Cloud migration is critical for achieving real-time enhanced performance and efficiency. The cloud migration process requires thorough analysis, planning, and execution to ensure that you confidently and securely move to the cloud, whereas the chosen cloud solution is compatible with your business requirements.

We are ready to investigate complex questions to help you choose the right, secure, and scalable cloud solutions. Let us execute seamless cloud migration of your assets.

Cloud Migration Services 1

Assessing Your Applications for a Successful Cloud Migration

We assess your applications, workloads, and other important IT assets for readiness for cloud migration to determine which of your applications and data can be readily moved to a cloud environment, and then implement and support you throughout the entire cloud migration journey.

  • Assess your applications and workload
  • Assess application design complexity
  • Assess application database
  • Build the business case
  • Determine delivery model (public, private, or hybrid)
  • Develop the technical approach to Cloud Migration
  • Develop the data transfer requirements
  • Adopt a flexible and scalable integration model
  • Ensure the components are scalable and reliable
  • Address security and privacy requirements
  • Manage the entire Cloud Migration Journey

Benefits of Cloud Migration & Application Modernization

  1. Increased agility and flexibility
  2. Ability to innovate faster
  3. Easing of increasing resource demands
  4. Better managing of increased customer expectations
  5. Reduction in costs
  6. Deliver immediate business results
  7. Enhanced disaster recovery capabilities
  8. Simplified IT systems
  9. Reduced IT support cost
  10. No maintenance cost
  11. No capital cost
  12. Shift to everything-as-a-service
  13. Better cloud consumption management
  14. Cloud scalability
  15. Improved performance
  16. Reduced data security risks
  17. Reduced compliance risks
Cloud Migration Services 2
Cloud Migration

Accelerate the full business value of cloud migration

New Opportunity

  • Enhanced Scalability
  • Modern Application Architecture
  • Faster Time to Market


  • Performance
  • Scalability & Reliability
  • Security & Compliance

Cost Efficiency

  • Cost Savings
  • No Capex
  • Optimized Opex

Fast Deployment

  •  Jump-start server setup
  • Simplified infrastructure
  • Optimized Opex