DevOps Engineering

Optimum Web brings together all of the capabilities needed to implement Continuous delivery of the software for our customers backed by over 20 years of solid hands-on experience in DevOps. We provide design, automated environment creation, and support to deliver modern and robust applications in complex multi-release environment projects.

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Streamlined software development, delivery, and maintenance

Our comprehensive DevOps service portfolio is intended for application lifecycle automation and evolution.

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Reduced Time to Market

Faster Delivery

Better Quality

Enhanced Resiliency

DevOps Portfolio: a Pathway to Continuous Software Delivery

To meet the demands of increasingly agile software development practices, software development teams need to be able to deploy applications in a rapid, repeatable, and reliable manner.

This trend has led to a dramatic rise in the popularity of the philosophy and practices of DevOps, while the pressure to deliver software applications quickly continues to increase.

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Unlock the Value of DevOps to Streamline Software Delivery

Optimum Web offers a full range of DevOps capabilities and application management services encompassing services that pertain to application maintenance, enhancement, optimization, support, modernization, and migration.

Optimum Web offers a broad set of integrated DevOps services for the development of cloud-native applications and traditional applications, using microservices and a container-driven model that provides scalability, performance, and security.

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  • Improving speed to market
  • Seamless delivery of new features
  • Reduced capital expenditures
  • Improved security with resilience
  • Quality and delivery excellence.

Container-first Approach

Modern, robust, and scalable applications require modern platforms. Containers transform the approaches to software design, development, packaging, delivery, and management. DevOps ensures efficient software development, deployment, and operation.

Here at Optimum Web, we use container platforms that help us develop and deploy better apps, to make applications work quickly and reliably across diverse  environments, speed application development life cycles. It is easier to manage c applications and move them from cloud to cloud.

Top 9 DevOps Tools We Use

  1. Kubernetes
  2. Terraform
  3. Ansible
  4. Jenkins
  5. Gitlab
  6. Github Actions
  7. Bitbucket Pipelines
  8. Fabric
  9. Docker Compose

DevOps Consulting Services

Optimum Web’s end-to-end DevOps Consulting service portfolio with the help of best-in-class containerization DevOps tools allows you to enhance your applications and service delivery with continuous process/tool improvement.

Our experienced DevOps team will provide hardware and software resources for your new projects within the shortest time frame and ensure software portability between all deployments – whether it is multi-cloud or on-premise architectures.

We guide and support our clients throughout the entire DevOps lifecycle:

  • Development /Deployment Automation/Continuous Deployment
  • Testing/Testing Automation/Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Integration
  • Deployment
  • Containerization
  • Release Management
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Cloud-centric DevOps Automation
  • DevSecOps.

Our well-automated DevOps cycle can streamline the delivery of new applications and features, reduce routine maintenance effort, and eliminate delays when deploying both infrastructure and software. We follow best practices for DevOps automation aiming to reduce the risk of human error, bringing simplicity, reliability, and accuracy into software development processes.

DevOps: the future of application lifecycle automation

At Optimum Web, we embraced a modern DevOps enablement approach, that allows us to deliver product updates in very short cycles.

DevOps process automation helps reduces the time and effort spent on repetitive manual tasks such as application testing, build, and deployment.

Our DevOps services help improve end-to-end visibility into the applications development pipeline, traceability of artifacts (user stories, features, epics, bugs, work items etc.); ensure well-connected workflows, better governance, and higher software quality.

At Optimum Web, we establish interconnected processes across all phases of development and operations for consistent and predictable deployments.

Development Infrastructure Automation Framework

  • Version management
  • Automated build/test
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous delivery
  • Continuous provisioning

Team Infrastructure Automation Framework

  • Issue and task tracking
  • Team/sprint management
  • Peer code review
  • Documentation/wiki
  • Team activity channel