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Optimization of Dockerfiles. Best practice

Service focused on the analysis, improvement, and optimization of Dockerfiles.

What we do:

  1. Review your Dockerfiles.
    – We look at your Dockerfiles to find ways to make them better.
  2. Make them better.
    – We apply industry tips to improve your Dockerfiles, making them smaller, faster, and safer.
  3. Reduce size.
    -We work to decrease the size of your Docker images, which helps in faster building and deploying.
  4. Speed up building.
    -We find ways to make your Docker images build quicker, saving you time.
  5. Boost security.
    -We enhance the security of your Docker images by removing unnecessary parts and ensuring only what’s needed is included.
  6. Fix errors.
    -We correct any mistakes in your Dockerfiles to make sure they meet high standards.

What we do not include in this offer:

  • Code development.
    We focus on Dockerfiles and don’t change your application code.
  • Manage infrastructure.
    Our service is about Dockerfiles, not managing your systems.
  • Outside tech advice.
    Our expertise is in Docker, so we stick to what we know best.

What we expect from you:

  • Your Dockerfiles.
    We need to see the Dockerfiles you want to optimize.
  • Project details.
    Tell us about your project so we can tailor our optimizations.
  • Your goals.
    Share any specific goals you have for the optimization.
  • Communication.
    Be ready to discuss and review the optimizations we suggest.

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