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Monolithic App Conversion Analysis in 2 days

We analyse and evaluate the possibility to decompose your monolithic application to an ecosystem of micro services within one working day.

What we do:

  1. The developer-architect does the following:
  2. Evaluates the app’s complexity
  3. Delves into the business logic of the user application
  4. Discovers the critical parts of a monolithic system
  5. Defines those of them that can be delineated as separate micro services
  6. Decides which parts of the functionality have to be left in the main core.

What you get:

  1. A rough estimate of the time the entire transition process from a monolith to a micro service architecture will take.
  2. A list of actions required for the successful transition process.

What we expect from you:

You have to provide all the information available that could help speed up the assessment and improve its accuracy:

  • Full description of the business logic of the project
  • Updated project documentation
  • Functional diagram (optional)
  • Access to the project’s source code (after NDA signed if needed)

Tech Stack: PHP, Python
Development time: 16 hours
Delivery in: 5 working days


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