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Move project from cloud to on-premisee server

What We Offer:

1. Planning.
We review your current cloud setup and plan how to move it to your own servers.
2. Setting up.
We help get your on-premise servers ready for the move.
3. Moving data.
We create a plan to safely move your data from the cloud to your servers.
4. Adjusting applications.
We make sure your applications work well in the new environment.
5. Testing.
We test everything to ensure it works as expected before making the switch.
6. Going live.
We support you in making the switch and help with any immediate issues after the move.

What We Need from You:

Information about your current cloud setup.
This inludes info about 3-d party API’s, integrations etc.
Permission to access your cloud and on-premise servers.
What you’re looking to achieve with the move.
Someone in your team who can help us with questions and decisions.

What We Don’t Do:

Supplying hardware.
We don’t provide the physical servers for on-premise setup.

After move maintenance.
Ongoing care of your on-premise servers is not included.


Managing non-our software licenses is up to you.

Changing business processes.
We focus on the technical move, not on changing how your business works.

Delivery in: 1 week+ (Depends on the project complexity)
The price is indicated for the first week of work.


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