Software Research & Development Services

Here at Optimum Web we facilitate software process improvement and guide to customers’ in-house, fully outsourced, or augmented software development teams for designing, analyzing, reviewing software processes, software and capability evaluations. The purpose of our R&D Service Portfolio is to manage and continuously improve software development projects and make development processes transparent, measurable, flexible, and predictable.


The mission of our Software Research and Development centers is to improve the quality of software product development & maintenance processes and accelerate the maturity of the software we deliver.

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Our Approach to Managing Software Development

Managing software development and the entire scope of cross-functional processes is a challenging task. It requires knowledge of management and a clear understanding of how software development works. Here at Optimum Web managing complex software projects is our specialty.

Optimum Web works in close partnership with clients’ teams to apply process management best practices to software engineering across the entire development lifecycle. This approach allows us to gain first-hand knowledge and experience of the real issues and needs that our clients are facing, and to provide the needed resources for software product development.

Senior project managers often choose to impose tight discipline and coordinate action plans to ensure our customer goals are fully met while motivating software developers to be innovative, thinking out-of-the-box, and produce quality code.

Individual software development approach
Strategic Software Development Workshops

Strategic Software Development Workshops

We offer clients to participate in our tailored Strategic Software Development Workshops that feature hands-on tasks and real-world scenarios to:

  • collect customer needs,
  • identify and prioritize customer requirements,
  • build cost and effort-effective software products
  • improve development processes,
  • evaluate and refine the software products we deliver
  • successfully transition those products into general use.

The Workshop helps to identify and prioritize requirements, policies, standards, processes, procedures, training, tools to employ a seamless and reliable software delivery mechanism, as well as ensure continuous software process improvement.

We share with clients our vision and approach to software solutions design, how we define and build software processes that allow us to achieve operational excellence.

At the strategic sessions within such Workshops, we provide guidelines to our customer teams, joint or distributed teams for defining, tailoring, planning, performing, and improving software processes.

Software R&D Strategy Framework


  1. Define software product’s purpose, scope, goals, objectives, and deliverables.
  2. Establish a common understanding between Optimum Web and the client’s team members on all customer’s requirements that will be addressed.
  3. Define the system and infrastructure requirements to software, cloud resources, and other system components, including internal and external human resources, as well as management controls over them.
  4. Discover project constraints to achieve control over them and ensure that the system requirements to the software solution, are well-documented and addressed.
During the Software Requirements Management Phase, our senior software development group runs a software requirements analysis session, aimed to elaborate and refine needs. Then we define with the client the full scope of requirements for the software project. To achieve this, we review the initial and revised requirements before incorporating them into the final software project. While reviewing the software development requirements we determine whether they are: feasible and appropriate to implement in a software solution, clearly and properly stated, consistent with each other, and testable.

The purpose of the Software Project Planning phase is to establish reasonable plans for performing the software development and for managing the project with high levels of granularity. Our tactical approach focuses on addressing key development processes. As such, we identify the key procedures, methods, and standards for developing and/or maintaining the software products.

Software Development Operational Framework

The parts of the Software Development Operational Framework govern all software operations to effectively manage the project. Changes and improvements to the are easier to manage because the information is well-defined.

Key Deliverables

Software Development Procedures & Processes

The purpose of this phase is to estimate use of critical infrastructure resources and outline plans for the project’s software development facilities, maintenance and support tools. All assumptions are made based on the above the estimates for the software project’s size, effort and costs, and engineering schedule.

Optimum Web offers R&D services intended to assess the risks associated with the cost, resource, schedule, and other technical aspects and changes of the project over the software life cycle.

Measurements to determine the status of the software planning activities and plans for involvement of the software engineering specialists are also part of this phase.

Optimum Web provides templates for defining and modeling software development processes for each key process area:

  1. Team structure & roles
  2. Entry criteria & requirements
  3. Inputs
  4. Activities
  5. Outputs & deliverables
  6. Delivery readiness criteria
  7. Reviews and audits (code, other deliverables)
  8. Measurements
  9. Quality control
  10. Documented procedures
  11. Recommended tools.

Software Development Planning Checklist

  1. High-level software development plan.
  2. Plans for the infrastructure facilities and support tools.
  3. Software development schedule.
  4. Size estimating assumptions.
  5. Software life cycle.
  6. Software development milestones.
  7. Software project commitments.
  8. Software development risks assessment with regard to the cost, resource, schedule, and technical aspects.
  9. Time planning of software development activities, assessing the accuracy of estimates.
  10. Summary report from each software project review.

The purpose of the Performance Tracking phase is to provide ultimate visibility into actual progress, project schedules, milestones. This approach allows us to take effective actions when the software project’s performance deviates from the approved plans. We track and review the achievements and results against documented estimates, commitments, plans, and make adjustments where necessary.

Technologies We Use

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Software Quality Assurance

The purpose of the Software Quality Assurance phase is to provide senior project management and client executive teams with ultimate visibility into the software development processes and results.

To achieve that, here at Optimum Web we have developed a unique Software Quality Assurance methodology that encompasses systematic patterns of all actions necessary to prove that a software product meets the established technical requirements.

Our software quality assurance team regularly reviews and audits the all development related activities and reports the results to our clients.

The regular software reviews and audits verify the activities for:

  • software estimating and planning;
  • project commitments;
  • creating a software development plan.