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Our team has proven ability to paint a technology vision and communicate its value to our clients, along with practical experience in developing large-scale complex business solutions.

Our team of experienced software engineers, architects, DevOps engineers, designers and project managers, and other technologists lead by the CEO has deep technology knowledge and the ability to architect solutions by mapping your business problems to end-to-end technology solutions and ensure flawless service delivery.

Optimum Web’s highly skilled team has over 24 years of hands on experience with diverse set of modern technologies, full-life cycle development in the professional IT/Software Development services industry to help our clients solve the real-world business problems.

From architecture through build, from deployment to management, Optimum Web helps optimize and modernize software development and delivery pipelines resulting in fast delivery of high-quality software with cloud-based scalability and cost predictability.

Our Management Team

Every day we focus on delivering software technology and solutions that work best for our clients, enabling to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Olga Pascal
Olga PascalCEO & Founder
Olga Pascal started her career in the software development industry in 2006, since then she has been working in an agile development environment, where requirements and goals might rapidly evolve as we listen to and learn from our clients. Her role as the CEO requires the perfect mix of being a brilliant technologist and performing consistent supervision, management and optimization of the Optimum Web commercial performance and business expansion with innovative minds and technologies.
Vasili Pascal
Vasili PascalCTO & Partner
Vasili Pascal has deep technical understanding and hands-on experience in managing modern software development processes. His responsibilities include overseeing the entire software development lifecycle operations to ensure flawless product and service delivery, by providing practical guidance, architectures, solutions, and project management for building tailored applications for any device, rapidly constructed and deployed, for maximum value to Optimum Web clients across the globe.
Julia Tumanova
Julia TumanovaHRM & Partner
Julia Tumanova joined Optimum Web in 2010. Julia is a seasoned human resource management expert. In her high-impact role of HRM Julia enhances organization-wide effort to create a climate in which all team members continuously improve their ability to provide top quality software products and services that our clients will find valuable. She is responsible for learning and development activities that align with personal development plans of our teams as well as with the core capabilities we’re building.


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Optimum Web is using innovative emerging technologies to tackle real-world challenges.

From advancing software products to reimagining applications architecture, the work we do is helping power our clients’ businesses across all industries and giving people the tools they need to outpace change. Join our ambitious, dynamic, and growth-oriented team, offering you excellent career opportunities.


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Our Services

You have a business idea already? Let’s bring it to life! We create innovative software solutions!

Software Engineering

With over 15 years of experience we provide full-cycle services in custom software development and design, Combining our technical expertise and profound knowledge with a passion for technology and digital transformation.

IT Consulting & Audit

Our rich portfolio of software development consulting services is aimed to help you more efficiently navigate complex technology landscapes as well as to automate and streamline operations.

Infrastructure Management

Scale and optimize IT infrastructure while keeping costs under tight control with Optimum Web. 20%+ reduction of Infrastructure costs  through leveraging continuous automation, DevOps and CloudOps.

Staff Augmentation

Optimum Web’s deep technology expertise and experience in building robust and scalable software applications makes it easy for us to understand your business requirements and sourcing the right professional for your project.

DevOps & CloudOps

Optimum Web is your trusted DevOps & Cloud Ops Advisor. Full-stack monitoring and ultimate visibility into business services health and cost. Enhanced operational efficiency through proactive and predictive operations in all clouds.

Application Services

Optimum Web ‘s web and mobile applications development practices take on the full life cycle of concept, design, engineering, integration, testing and rollout. We operate in an agile and global delivery model where scaling and improvement never stops.

Why Us

For the past 24 years at Optimum Web we’ve built over 170 successful products and can build yours.

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Team Members




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Software Development

Building a robust modular and cloud-native  software architecture is essential to success. This approach facilitates continuous integration of new code into the product as well as testing and evaluation. Refined architecture allows developers to concentrate on delivery of features and quality.

Our agile approach to software development has proved its efficiency across multiple cross-functional teams and projects. It allows us to accelerate speed, improve productivity and responsiveness of development.


Staff Augmentation

At Optimum Web we employ highly skilled software development professionals with proven engineering productivity and abilities to solve problems with innovative technologies. We invest in specialized training and develop their professional consulting skills and the ability to invent software, drive project success and ensure management excellence.

We employ developers and other experts full-time to make them available exclusively to our clients.  We bring experience from many technologies, frameworks and implemented projects to bring better thinking for your evolving solutions.

Dedicated team members are well-trained problem solvers and ready to onboard quickly and provide value from day one by identifying your challenges, assessing the situation, and implementing solid solutions to propel your business forward

CloudOps & DevOps

Here at Optimum Web DevOps team is responsible for the entire software development cycle by making sure that all applications we develop are deployable on many different clouds, choosing a proper infrastructure, then automating and monitoring the development process.

Our DevOps team takes care of streamlining software development so that our clients’ requirements are quickly made into application production, while the cloud offers automated provisioning and scaling to accommodate application changes.

Cybersecurity Ops

Cybersecurity is ultimately important in today’s Software Development Lifecycle. Our web and mobile applications security specialists and analysts work tightly with software development engineers to produce the most secure code and test deployed software.

Software development methodologies involve the following cybersecurity considerations:

  • The application use case and its security requirements;
  • The application user base;
  • Languages being used and the underlying development technologies, platforms on which the application will be deployed, services and frameworks;
  • Data access flow and user policies across the application.

Perfect Service Set for Quality Software Development

Developing custom software solutions is the core of our business at Optimum Web. With our wide range of custom software development capabilities we ensure that the solutions we craft for your unique business will solve all your problems now and in the future.