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Develop a Private Discord Bot

How it works

The developer does the following:

  1. Approves the bot’s functionality requirements with the client
  2. Implements a bot according to these requirements
  3. Makes a demo of how the bot works
  4. Fixes bugs the following week after he finished the development if there are any.  

What we do

  • Moderation commands
  • Server info commands
  • User info commands

You get a token with the complete source code and comments included. 

Some of the default entertainment commands can be removed if needed.

Optional features

  • Support tickets 

      User verification 

  • Simple verification by reacting to a message
  • Verification by typing in some numbers/words generated by a bot
  • Log channel(Action Logger)

E.g., it logs in a specific channel if someone deletes, or edits their message, etc.

  • Voice channel server statistics (server stats displayed on a voice channel)

      Welcome messages

  • Simple message
  • Embedded message

Entertainment commands

  • 8ball
  • Random images
  • Some custom commands which may not require a database (Please DO consult us before paying for the bot if custom commands are one of its main requirements!)


For example, if you don’t allow swear words on your server, filters will make the bot define and delete messages that include banned words

  • Banned words


What we don’t do within this offer:

  • Functionality extensions
  • Deployment and custom configuration
  • Hosting

What we expect from you:

You have to provide all the information available that could help speed up the assessment and improve its accuracy: 

  • Select the required features from the list provided
  • Provide the necessary details on each (e.g., a welcome text or other information such as access to the third-party APIs if required).

Development will take: 24 hours

Delivery in: 5 working days

Tech Stack: NodeJS


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