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Migrate Your Project to the Cloud

What we do:

  1. Cloud migration.
    Moving your project (data, applications) to the cloud (Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, Hetzner Cloud, Linode, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud, OVH, Contabo, Vultr, UpCloud and many others) for better growth and cost savings.
  2. Infrastructure check.
    Reviewing your current setup to plan the best move.
  3. Choosing the right cloud.
    Guide you in choosing the best cloud service for your needs.
  4. Manage the migration.
    Handling the entire migration from start to finish, ensuring a smooth transition.

What we do not include in this offer:

  • If you have unique needs, we’ll need to discuss those to see how we can help.

What we expect from you:

  • Migration goals.
    Tell us what you aim to achieve with the migration.
  • Details of your current system.
    Share information about your current setup.
  • Access.
    We need access to your current systems to move them to the cloud.

Delivery in: Week+ (Depends on project complexity)

The price is indicated for the first week of work.


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