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Writing Ansible Scripts

Expert development of Ansible scripts

What we do:

  1. Firstly understand what you need, then create a custom script for your project. We make sure the script works well by testing and improving it.
  2. Making Ansible scripts to automate tasks like installing software and updating systems. This makes these tasks faster and without mistakes.

What we don’t do in this offer:

  • Our focus is on Ansible scripts, so we might not cover other IT services.
  • We work remotely and might not manage your systems in person.
  • Helping with the scripts we create, but might not offer support for other issues.

What we expect from you:

  • Tell us about your current systems and what you want to automate.
  • We might need to access your systems to make the scripts work just right.
  • Any specific rules or preferences you have for the script.

Delivery in: 1 week+ ( Depends on the project complexity)
The price is indicated for the first week of work.


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