migrate project or app to docker

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Pack your Small App into a Docker Container in 8 hours

What we do

With this service you will get your app containerized into one or more docker containers.

The developer – architect does the following:

  • Evaluates the app’s complexity
  • Examines the way the app works
  • Discovers the critical parts of a monolithic system
  • Identifies logical components
  • Defines those of them that can be delineated as separate micro services, e.g., the database, emails sending, working with a cache.
  • Creates a Dockerfile for the application

What we don’t do in this offer:

  • Software refactoring
  • Software bug fixes

What we expect from you:

You have to provide all the information available that could help speed up the assessment and improve its accuracy:

  • Full description of the business logic of the project
  • Updated project documentation
  • Functional diagram (optional, if available)
  • Access to the project’s source code (after an NDA approval)

Tech Stack: PHP, Python, Rust, Golang, NodeJS
Development time: 8 hours
Delivery in: 3 working days

Original price was: $500.00.Current price is: $479.00.

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