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What is software deployment, and why is it so important?

How often have you heard something like: “My company’s new software is being prepared for deployment” or “I need to deploy my app to the App Store”? Phrases of that kind became a part of our routine; they are buzzing on the periphery of our consciousness, though few of us (except people working in IT) understand, what is the real meaning behind them. But you have to know that the things above are not a higher knowledge or a secret language.

And still, what does Software Deployment mean?

In simple terms, this means all the activities that make software available for us, i.e. making it ready for implementation. In other words, before the software becomes available to users, it has to pass through a bunch of procedures. They include installation, configuration, running and testing, during which there are identified as many bugs as possible. After that, the changes are implemented if necessary. The software gets its final form and is ready to run in a specific environment, where its functionality is demanded. These actions preparing the release of the final version of the software and the release itself are called Software Deployment.  

So what’s in software deployment and why planning the deployment process correctly is considered so important? Software deployment services are a big deal for enterprises as they provide fast, error-free development process and easily manageable software. What more can you ask for, except steadily increasing revenue?

Let’s go through the main profits the deployment process brings to businesses.

4 advantages of software deployment.

1. You’ve got your time saved.

The process of installation, uninstallation and updates after debugging on each computer can take enormous amounts of time when performed directly. Software deployment allows the fast roll-out and installation across all the devices that are planned to work with it with no additional training needed.

2. You can be sure of your computers’ security.

The deployment includes permission sets configuration, that ensures different, strictly limited access rights for the sensitive or mission-critical groups of computers. This means securing them, the whole software and the information it’s based on. The same things can be done to critical or sensitive task groups.

3. You can monitor the actions of your software users.

Software deployment allows us to gain insights into what exactly are users doing around the software. This allows detecting possible pitfalls and eliminating errors and performance issues on time. You can also run an analysis of the historical user’s actions and apply the conclusions in your future software development process.

4. You’ve got your software updated effectively.

While personally searching for each version of any software, installed on his devices, and manually initiating the download, one can quickly get extremely irritated. Why not avoid this feeling entrusting the process to an automated assistant? Software deployment performs real-time monitoring, accurate updates, maintenance and even uninstall in case of major issue detection.


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