Introduction. The establishment of the Docker company back in 2013 completely revolutionized the perception of software packaged in containers. Although the concept behind the technology was not new, it was Docker that empowered the mass utilization of container software. Once the hype was converted into a widespread usage of the innovative and exciting system, an […]

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Introduction The persistence of terms like continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment in conversations among tech-savvy developers in today’s world is undoubted. And to no one’s surprise – the ability of each of the practices to better the software development through making the release process vigorous and efficient makes them appealing. With this being […]

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Software deployment can have different variations depending on the specifics of a particular development life cycle. Since nowadays one of the most frequently used methodologies is Agile, we decided to get you acquainted with the best Agile software deployment practices, meant to provide a performant, error-free product with good UX: Deployment checklist usage. A clearly […]

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How often have you heard something like: “My company’s new software is being prepared for deployment” or “I need to deploy my app to the App Store”? Phrases of that kind became a part of our routine; they are buzzing on the periphery of our consciousness, though few of us (except people working in IT) […]

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The software development, like any other activity that is done for money, has to be focused on three things: high-quality product or service, clients satisfaction and cost reduction. While the first two things’ importance is obvious for the stable and growing revenue, the third one may seem not so crucial in case the income is […]

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So what is software testing we were talking about earlier? Its meaning lies in a few words: – Investigation: critical thinking, ability to ask difficult questions and notice small things that could mean big problems are typical for an investigator and a software tester. – Exploration: a software tester is endlessly exploring the code discovering […]

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The Software Quality Control (SQC) process is regulated by SQA and implies possible product defects detection. It is applied to check whether the project follows all the necessary processes and procedures. The two main activities, SQC includes, and their sub activities are, as follows: 1. Requirements, design, code, deployment, test plan, test cases reviews.2. Unit, […]

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Whatever your development focus may be, whatever technologies and programming languages you may use, the alpha and omega of the programming is the quality of the final software product. Just because if the user will consider your piece of software a poor quality one, he will simply refuse to pay for it and will tell […]

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Have you ever wondered what the cost of a bug is? Can this thing, minor at first glance, really cause that severe damage, as many programmers and testers claim? Is there any way to entirely prevent bugs in the software development process? Let’s dig in the matter step by step. What are bugs and where […]

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What is MetaMask all about? MetaMask is a Google Chrome/Firefox plugin that enables you to run Ethereum Dapps right from your browser without running a full Ethereum node. MetaMask facilitates the adoption of Ethereum because it bridges the gap between user interfaces such as Mist browsers and Dapps and the web (e.g Chrome, Firefox, websites). […]

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