Optimum Web has been around for over 20 years now. During this time, a lot has happened. We have cried and we have laughed, we have failed and we have won. We have also managed to keep a tight record of it all because, well, how else are you supposed to learn and grow?

In the chaos of it all, we got to collaborate with countless professionals. Apart from their personal contributions, they have also impacted us, the nurturers of Optimum Web, big time. They made us stronger, bolder, and even more goal-oriented than we ever were before. And this isn’t something we can ever take for granted.

As the saying goes, the only constant in this world is changing. It applies to every individual and industry including science and education among others, and it is relevant to us, too. In fact, it is so pertinent to our company that we have observed it altering the way we do business for years on end.

Make no mistake – we have experienced tremendous growth; the type of growth that comes from dealing with clients, partners, and employees of all kinds. But we’d be damned if we said that it came easy.

Here’s what we came to realize.

Efficient communication – a vital element of every company – isn’t a simple task by definition. It requires patience, mutual understanding, and willingness to listen above all. And while this is an unspoken rule, it turns out that not everyone knows it. What’s more, it’s often accompanied by the force that drives us all to some extent – money.

No matter what role you occupy – be it a high-level position like a CEO or a junior employee – finances play a big role in motivating you to wake up every morning and grind. But the grind isn’t universal; it’s not an intrinsic value everyone shares and carries through life in the same capacity. Some acquire it over time and others don’t. To our dismay, we are more likely to meet those from the latter category.

It goes without saying that success (and, therefore, financial rewards) comes to those who grind. They are the ones who bring the most value and, as a result, generate the biggest profits. That said, one is considered lucky to work with those types of individuals. As per our own experience, we haven’t always gotten lucky in the past 20 years of operating in the tech market.

What came as a surprise is that clients and employees don’t always pursue fruitful relationships from the get-go. Each party comes with its own set of beliefs that proves to be not as flexible as anticipated. This, in turn, leads to a less-than-favorable outcome for both.

Take clients who want cheap services and employees who believe they deserve higher remunerations. The two are right in their own way, but this never ends up working for both. What we get in the end is, say, a happy client and a demotivated employee. Keep in mind that this is just one scenario of things going south.

Contractorship – the term prevalent in the IT industry – sounds good in theory. It allows for direct communication and the creation of long-term relationships that are highly valued in this day and age. But it loses all its value when you place the said contractor in a company. In this case, he is bound to be lured by the client to work on a contract basis and therefore puts the company he works for in a tricky (read=losing) position.

Sure, the second scenario saves the client money by eliminating the third party (the company), but does it lead to a better way of doing business? Hardly. Not only does it hinder the growth of both parties, but it also deprives them of the professional expertise the company possesses. It’s not a win-win, it’s a lose-lose.

What kind of drawbacks are we talking about? We’re talking about the loss of access to the expertise shared by the company’s employees, the limited entry to the system administration and all it entails, and the increased time dedicated to finding reputable freelancers who aren’t going to leave you high and dry. Besides, there’s always present the aspect of responsibility that is inclined to shift to the negative direction once the freelancer isn’t managed by the company anymore.

The result? Lost time, revenue, and quality of work/motivation for both the client and the now-independent contractor respectively.

As you can tell, the pursuit of a better price often results in people disregarding common sense and taking the quick route. But does it always have to be this way? Can’t there be a more beneficial solution for everyone? Let’s take a look at the following Christmas Tale we created.


Optimum Web’s Christmas Tale

Once upon a time, there were people who were kind, understanding, caring, and sincere. They exhibited these qualities in their daily lives which brought their surroundings joy and happiness. Everything was seemingly perfect from the outside.

But this wasn’t always the case. They kept a well-hidden secret away from the eyes of the strangers that allowed them to take advantage of others when they least expected it. This was happening mainly in the workplace environment – the place where they could reveal their dark side.

One day, Optimum Web got a glimpse of the dark secret those people hid.

It was a sunny day when two clients requested the company’s services. One of them had selfish motives while the other one displayed amiable and gracious qualities. Other than that, you couldn’t tell one from the other – that’s how similar they looked from the outside.

Once their collaboration with Optimum Web started, it didn’t take long for the true colors of the two clients to float up to the surface. The one with malicious intentions didn’t seem to like anything he was offered. He kept doubting and complaining about the many solutions the company was providing him with; the result wasn’t nearly as satisfying as it could’ve been had he listened to what the software developers had to say.

In contrast, the one with good intentions got what he came for. This is because of his open-minded approach to the developer’s proposal and the willingness to cooperate given that this wasn’t his area of expertise. He was nice to deal with, too, which ultimately led to him developing long-term professional relationships with Optimum Web.

A good attitude can take you far indeed!

We’d like you to put this tale under your Christmas tree so that it serves as a reminder for each one of you to be kind and humble, for these are the qualities that have the biggest potential to bring you closer to your dreams.

Nurture these traits and the results won’t leave you waiting – this is guaranteed.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Optimum Web team

About the Author: Vasili Pascal

Dev Team Lead @ TryDirect && Software Engineer @ Optimum Web

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