Yes, we understand the frustration that comes with a project that has failed to meet expectations. At our company, we have experience in taking on projects that other companies have struggled with. However, before we can commit to taking on the project, we need to conduct a detailed analysis to understand the reasons for the failure. This includes assessing the project’s architecture, code quality, and conducting a thorough project analysis, which may take several days to complete.

It’s important that you share with us the reason for the failure as honestly and fully as possible. Based on our experience, we’ve found that miscommunication is often the root cause of project failure. By understanding the underlying issues that led to the failure, we can provide you with a clear roadmap for moving forward.

If you’re struggling to identify the cause of the project’s failure, we recommend setting up a consultation with a professional business analyst. This will help to ensure that all issues are identified and addressed.

Please note that the project audit is a paid-for procedure, and based on the audit results, we reserve the right to decline the project. However, we are committed to working with you to identify the root causes of the project’s failure and provide you with a clear path forward.

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