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    Why Optimum-web?

    Maintaining customer focus is key to developing great software products, that is why Optimum-Web stands out other outsourcing companies. We do not create a product for all possible customers, we develop and deploy unique technologies for each client independently.


    We consider customer’s aspirations as a cornerstone of what we tend to achieve: on the one hand we tend to determine the smallest details of the customer’s needs and ideas, and we also make the development process the most comfortable for the customer. As a result, our clients get exactly what they want with minimum effort. The main advantages of our approach:

    • Understanding the customer’s business strategy and business needs;
    • Clear schedule and roadmap for optimal services and/or solutions performance or improvement.
    • Very flexible development process which can include all sorts of changes to initial specifications.

    The main goals of such an approach are the comprehensive analysis, compliance, efficient internal procedures for further agile development and customer satisfaction.

    As a result, we create trusted and long-term relationships with our customers and get high customers retention rate.



    What customers expect from a software outsourcing provider? Here’s a list of the main reasons to request a quote at Optimum-web:

    Industry Expertise

    Optimum-Web works with hundreds of clients in dozens of industries such as Finance, Manufacturing, Logistics, Fashion, Tourism, and Distribution. We perfectly understand the needs of our clients and adhere to a customer-oriented approach to efficiently cover them.

    Regardless of your industry, Optimum-Web will partner with you to develop the technology your business needs, handle your day-to-day IT needs, manage your cyber security and compliance issues, and report and consult with you regularly. So your team can spend its time focusing on the high-value tasks and initiatives that will help you be more successful and competitive.


    Business Focused

    Optimum-web is not a technical provider, it is a reliable business partner and problem solver. We consider technical excellence as an end in itself, and we respect customers as the centrally important stakeholder of our organization. We provide enterprises with a clear roadmap to cover their business needs and we deliver them forecasted issues, adding new value to their business like launching new services, increasing customer loyalty and boosting productivity.


    Part Of Your Team

    Across processes, methodologies and business culture up to “meeting of minds”. We pay great attention to creating a team of customer-oriented specialists and Optimum-web representatives that are able to move the project ahead without a hitch. This team, armed with a single development methodology, using common processes is guaranteed to achieve prompt quality results.


    Technical and Domain Expertise

    Optimum-Web is a powerhouse of proven domain expertise and technically skilled and collaborative workforce with 15 years of experience in successfully delivering customized software development projects across industries.

    Our talent pool has been handpicked from across different industries and the knowledge gained has been shared across our organization. Working on live projects across industries, regular training & development ensures that we are at the top of changing needs and latest trends across industries we cater to.

    The company uses cutting-edge technology and development methodology to achieve the best outcomes. This is also confirmed by our domain expertise, due to which our customers trust and share with us serious projects in the fields of

    • Social Networking
    • Big Data
    • e-commerce
    • B2B
    • SaaS/PaaS etc.


    Transparent Collaboration

    Transparency enables us to set up long-term beneficial partnerships. We let our partners be aware of how the deals proceed, where they might find gaps and and when the next issues will be solved. We have proven records that customers’ awareness reflects positively on project delivery and customer satisfaction.


    Once started, we permanently keep up three available levels of communication with the customer.

    Strategic level- Represented by the CEO and Business Development Manager.

    The customer is always able to discuss strategic aspects of cooperation such as discounts, team locations, common terms & conditions.

    Delivery level- Represented by the Account Manager, Delivery Manager. The aspects of business needs, Scope of work compliance, project delivery, support are being discussed at this level.

    Operating level- Represented by the Project Manager, Team Lead. This level is about project development, integration aspects etc.



    Customers expect you to do more than your competitor does, and if you don’t bring them what they need, you’ll lose them. Optimum-Web might help you be ahead of everyone else by developing any type of automated system for your business:

    • Consulting and project estimation
    • Resources hiring and retention
    • Dedicated team formation
    • Development and project delivery

    We are quite confident to guarantee an essential level of services for you.

    Let’s get started and do business together!