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Cloud Solutions

One of our primary specializations is Cloud Development. We have a considerable years of experience in various types of cloud solutions and we have executed a number of successful projects that would confirm our expertise.



big dataBig Data

Big Data solutions have become extremely popular these days. In today’s information society, business has to gather and analyze enormous volumes of information. This is where Big Data technologies play their role. If your business has to deal with massive dynamic information flows that have to be systematized, analyzed and reported РOptimum-web will create for your needs a custom Big Data solution with needed functionality.


security-iconSecurity Solutions

We have rich experience in creating data security solutions, backup solutions and auto-scaling of big information flows. We realize how important information security is these days; data loss or possible data leaks are very dangerous both for business and for individual users. Optimum-web is an absolute expert when it comes to security solutions.


billing-automation-iconBilling Automation Systems

Optimum-web is capable of creating your custom automated billing system which will fit perfectly to all your business processes and make your daily business operations much more quick, simple and safe from data loss. Our team of dedicated professionals will research and evaluate your business and create a custom solution to help your business.


mass notification systemsSocial Networks

Optimum-web has excellent skills and profound experience for community websites development including social media websites, forums, working with API of popular social media websites etc. Also Optimum-web can create for you a custom solution for automated crawling and analysis of social media data.



ecommerceE-Commerce Solutions

Optimum-web will create for you a cutting edge E-Commerce solution with user-friendly and easy interface that will boost your business performance. We always provide our customer with easy-to-use, flexible and simply customizable solutions that will become a valuable tool within your business infrastructure.



business process automationBusiness Process Automation Systems (BPAS)

Custom BPAS are highly demanded by medium and large businesses that have lots of specific business processes and if buying standard solution – it would need deep and expensive customization so that it is optimal to develop their own solution. Optimum-web will help you to develop your own system that will include all the modules and functions you need.



Mass Notification Systems

Optimum-web has expertise in the development of mass notification systems with the function of scheduling notifications, creating lists, automatic generating of notification messages. We also have great experience in integrating notification systems with other web-based and desktop software.


online booking

Online Booking Systems

We can create a great custom online booking system for hotel business websites, touristic agencies websites, online tickets booking portals, events tickets booking portal or for any other type of business that requires booking procedure. Also Optimum-web team has rich experience with system integration which means that the booking system can be integrated easily with your CRM, SAP or other system.


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