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Mobile applications offer a wealth of opportunities for your company’s rapid growth and expansion, while lowering costs. Optimum Web is ready to help you become a mobile-savvy organization by building a mobile application with iOS or Android development teams. Get great work for your budget!

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Mobile Apps Are on the Rise

Mobile Applications Built for Your Business Growth

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Mobile Application Development: Beautiful, Robust, Integrated Apps

Finding top notch mobile apps developers is hard and super expensive. That’s where we come in. Optimum Web ia a full-stack mobile app development company dedicated to helping our clients develop and scale up dynamic mobile applications, enabling innovative growth opportunities.

Optimum Web’s mobile apps development team members have expertise in Angular and ReactJS. Our strength is that we bring product thinking, visual design and UX sensibilities in addition to our technical expertise and extensive experience in mobile apps development.

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Mobile Apps Are on the Rise

Mobile applications development for both iOS platform from Apple Inc. and Android from Google can accelerate business processes and differentiate services for business across all industries. Simultaneously the mobile application development platform market continues to grow and evolve with a variety of industries getting fully digitised, while user application touchpoints are increasing in frequency and expanding in device types.

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Accelerate Innovation with API!

Over the past years APIs have become essential tools for building software and a business model driver, bringing it to the market faster. Optimum Web makes it easier to design, connect to, and manage APIs across multiple environments from test to deployment.

Mobile Applications Development Trends

We follow the 6 major mobile applications development trends, such as:

  1. Machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  2. On-demand apps.
  3. Blockchain technology.
  4. Wearable applications.
  5. Chatbots.
  6. Internet of things.

iOS mobile app development

Optimum Web delivers world class mobile experiences using the best iOS design and architecture practices.

Android mobile app development

We build intuitive and speedy mobile applications powered by first-rate technologies and development approaches.

We provide everything you need to launch your perfect mobile app!

  • UX Wireframing
  • UX Prototyping
  • Mobile App Development Plan
  • Pixel Perfect Designs
  • User Testing Insights
  • Technical Recommendations
  • Investor Pitch Deck
  • Product Roadmap
  • Timeline and Cost Estimates
  • Animation
  • App Architecture Planning
  • Mobile App Development
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Release
  • Updates.

Make Your Mobile App Shine

Optimum Web experts can help your mobile app stand out in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, as we have designed over 4 four dozens of apps, and with over 80% of them having been featured on the marketplaces.

We develop mobile application featured on major marketplaces that have the following qualities:

  1. a very easy-to-use interface;
  2. a variety of in-built optimum quality products;
  3. smart & relevant filters;
  4. multiple options of payment;
  5. easy & secure payment gateways integrations;
  6. and many more.

The cost of marketplace featured application development depends on:

  • Business scope
  • Technologies and tools
  • Third-party services
  • App development company cost of services.

6-step Approach to Web Applications Development

What does the process of building a mobile application with Optimum Web look like?

As a custom software development company, we have a wealth of experience in bringing to life a well-thought-out, well-designed, well-built mobile apps for iOS and Android that your future users will absolutely love and recommend using.

Together with your team identify your current and growth business goals, target markets and customers, and map out every detail of UI/UX, application development, deployment, QA, testing, and maintenance and support to align with your strategy.

  1. We refine your app idea.
  2. We outline the app development strategy.
  3. We help you map the app’s UX & UI user journey.
  4. We build the mobile app.
  5. We QA and test your app
  6. We launch it like a pro!

Lower Cost

Optimum Web helps you lower your mobile app development costs by planning your entire app before writing any code, so you can budget for your MVP and make a well-thought investment decision.

Choose the features you’ll need for your marketplace mobile application and reach out to us to see how much your app might cost.

  • Onboarding
  • Customer personal profile
  • Seller personal profile
  • Tutorial
  • Chat
  • Settings
  • Listings
  • Recommendations
  • Categories
  • Search
  • Filters
  • Push notifications
  • Product profiles
  • Favorites
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Mobile payments
  • Analytics
  • Shopping cart
  • Delivery tracking
  • Support chat

The Future of App Development Is Multiexperience

Garter says that among enterprises that have developed and deployed at least three different types of applications (other than web apps), the most common are mobile apps (91 percent).

A wide range of new devices such as smartwatches, smartphones and voice-driven devices are infusing today’s life, with ever-expanding modes of interaction (type, touch, gestures, natural language) across the user journey.

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