We always want to use the best programming language to make great software. Rust is known for being really safe, meaning it helps prevent crashes and keeps our software secure.

Why Rust: Known for memory safety which means fewer crashes or vulnerabilities

Example 1: Money Transactions

Imagine that Optimum has to manage crucial financial transactions. Using Rust can help avoid memory errors, making the software more reliable and secure.

Example 2: Busy Websites

Optimum is developing a high-traffic web server, using Rust can help manage multiple user requests at the same time without crashing or slowing down, thereby improving user experience.

Example 3: Video Games

Optimum ventured into game development, using Rust can provide the assurance that the game will run smoothly, without memory leaks or crashes, thus providing a better experience for the gamers.

Example 4: Smart Home Gadgets

Optimum is working on software for smart home devices like thermostats or door cameras, using Rust can help ensure that these devices run efficiently and securely.

Using Rust could make our software better and safer, which is good for us and great for our customers.

About the Author: Olga Pascal

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