You can outsource every kind of service to an IT company. They usually vary, from website and application development to testing services and even database administration services. However we usually work on projects from scratch, including the preparation, the software development itself, and further support. 

Another option is to outsource the overall support of the project that has already been developed to Optimum Web. It can include testing, administration, changing the code, adding features, and more. Normally, long-term projects involve ongoing support. 

You can try to identify a different executor to handle every different service you need, but it’s usually both unprofitable and unreliable. It’s better to use just one reliable company employing experts in different fields. This means the outsourcing team will have a complete vision of the project and a deep understanding of how to act in case of problems in any area. They will also share the knowledge with you. Moreover, you will save time and frustration trying to manage multiple parties simultaneously, and struggling to coordinate their actions and results.

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