There’s always a scenario that will suit you. 

  1. You can order outstaffing services from Optimum Web for a short time to get a particular project done. 
  2. You can hire our developers for the long term, practically making them into IT team members. While they will remain employees of Optimum Web, they will be fully dedicated to your company’s projects. It is in our best interest to boost the growth and success of our clients’ businesses, and it’s our priority to provide our clients with the type and level of service they expect from their own employees. 

Most collaboration in IT takes place online, and modern communication methods like emails, chats, and project management systems work perfectly. This means a company like ours that provides outstaffing software development services works very like hiring in-house staff, but with significant savings. You don’t spend money on hiring, infrastructure, payroll, staff benefits or insurance. All our people need is office space. 

You can always demand more programmers or cut staff back depending on the current workload. We simply ask you to notify us one month in advance in either direction. Just contact your dedicated Project Manager, describe your situation, and it’s done.

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