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Software DevOps Engineering

System administration is performed by a team available 24 hours

  • Operating and managing servers on different platforms like Amazon AWS environment, DigitalOcean, Hetzner, Transip and other
  • Perform preventive maintenance tasks on Linux Servers
  • Setup, configuration, deployment, various of server side apps, manage data security apps and issues, backup management
  • Disaster Recovery activities
  • Create/support development environment
  • Server orchestration tools like Fabric or Capistrano, custom Bash/Python scripting
  • DNS and SSL administration and troubleshooting
  • Server/client accounts monitoring
  • Mail server support
  • Identify and troubleshoot system related issues reported by monitoring tools
  • Assistance with managing and implementing hardware and software migration and upgrade efforts of varying size and complexity



We provide a monthly support agreement.

Our DevOps is going to spend an hour per day every day to update, monitor and maintain your server environment, 30 hours in total per month.

Please contact us for the monthly support agreement price.

If extra time was spent by client request it will be added to the final invoice and calculated according to DevOps’s hourly rate.



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