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    Software Development Collaboration Models

    How does Optimum-web collaborate with customers? Based on the business strategy and current customer needs, we identify 3 collaboration models.

    Dedicated Development Team

    Dedicated team model is perfect for long-term projects with evolving requirements. You in need to choose the right software  partner to ensure that you meet your goals? The scope of work is not complete or new features are being scheduled to add? Let‘s leverage a tailored dedicated Development Team to speed the project up and reduce costs.

    This is the case when you want to outsource not only a business idea but, also, to develop a project or a part of a project controlled by your specialists. For these purposes, you need an experienced and reliable team of developers.

    10 Reasons to Choose Dedicated Development Team Model

    1. 1. Ultimate labour cost efficiency – no need to spend time and money for search and software development management. You focus on your core business, we take care of all software development issues.
    2. 2. Simple and transparent pricing system.
    3. 3. We help you define the size of the team at scale.
    4. 4. We create a perfect development team-size-formula and set it up for your project or startup (solution architects, developers, designers, QA engineers, etc.)
    5. 5. Dedicated team of experts concentrate on your project and bring unique and project-specific expertise to the table.
    6. 6. We support you throughout long-term projects with changeable requirements and scale, providing task focus and adaptability.
    7. 7. We manage cross-functional teams. You have direct access to all team members.
    8. 8. Full cost and development quality control – we manage highly qualified and competent software development team, project managers, equipment, resources, offer high-end infrastructure based on your project requirements.
    9. 9. Zero startup, gathering the team, maintenance costs or taxes.
    10. 10. We streamline the entire software development workflow and automate the majority of routine operations.

    Dedicated Development Centre (DDC)

    Dedicated Development Centre (DDC) is the model in which Optimum Web provides a remote, fully managed dedicated software development team. Dedicated Development Centre is a perfect alternative to setting up your own in-house development teams. It allows to accelerate software development with less overhead and cost.

    Optimum Web offers instant access to our ready-to-use robust IT infrastructure, and seamless software development processes and best practices. Since technology and customer requirements to software products are changing at an ever-increasing speed, with a dedicated development centre Optimum Web opens the door to a variety of other turn-key services, including:

    • – UX/UI development and testing;
    • – Cloud management;
    • – DevOps as a Service;
    • – Project management.

    Optimum Web offers well-equipped modern working space, ready to use IT-infrastructure, legal assistance etc. Our flexible pricing helps you grow, optimise software development costs while eliminating overhead.

    7 Best Fit Use Cases for Dedicated Development Team

    1. 1. You are a startup with unpredictable project scope
    2. 2. You urgently need an MVP to test your product market fit
    3. 2. You have consequent changing business priorities, while scope and requirements to software development are evolving
    4. 4. You need unique technical or domain expertise and skills to extend your in-house team capabilities hassle-free
    5. 5. You are a peer software development company searching for a technology or project partner
    6. 6. You are an established company looking to to quickly respond to change in order to balance flexibility and stability
    7. 7. You need to free up your in-house development team

    Dedicated Software Development Team Set-Up

    cross-functional dedicated software development team

    • – senior front-end developer
    • – senior back-end developer/li>
    • – QA engineer
    • – DevOps
    • – UI/UX desiner
    • – business or domain analyst
    • – project manager

    Fixed Budget Model

    Fixed Price engagement is a perfect fit short-term projects where the project scope is set or tiny. Looking to get a hassle-free, time-saving result and have no time to delve into specifications? The optimum way to estimate the project and follow your business idea through is to engage our consulting and technical resources. The key advantages of the Fixed Budget model are:

    • The project budget is limited to the particular amount so you know clearly how much you will spend.
    • Time limits are well-defined.
    • We make detailed plan and documentation, for Fixed Budget projects.

    You have to note that the main condition for Fixed Budget model is that you should have detailed specifications of the projects you need to be implemented, before they start. It will help us estimate the price and time limits. If your specifications change during the development process, additional work is paid over budget due to our Time & Material rates.

    Time and Material

    Time & Material model is used for long-term projects that have no clear plan and specifications. You pay for the company’s services in parts, according to the contract. Each month, Optimum-web will send you an invoice with the number of hours worked, hourly rate and the amount that should be paid.


    • Negotiable and flexible pricing.
    • Possibility to pay in parts .
    • This model is the least risky – the development process can be stopped by your request at any time.

    Optimum Web offers well-equipped modern