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    Industry Expertise

    Optimum-Web understands that each industry has unique requirements and specifics, and it is through servicing thousands of customers like you that we have built our leading IT outsourcing company.

    Depending on your requirements and the industry of your business, we can develop a custom solution to meet your needs as either a client/server or web-based application. Our developers work with all types of industries:

    • Finance (banking, insurance);
    • Healthcare;
    • Law Firms;
    • Non-profit;
    • Insurance;
    • Real Estate;
    • Information Technology;
    • Telecommunications;
    • Social Media;
    • Education;
    • Retail & Distribution;
    • Logistics;
    • Dating;
    • HoReCa;
    • Fashion;
    • Tourism;
    • Entertainment;
    • Furniture;
    • Charity;
    • Electrical;
    • Construction;
    • Event Management;
    • Volunteering;
    • Commerce;
    • Ecology;
    • and many others.

    All the new projects start with the whole team researching about the industry of the business the customer is operating in, we analyze deeply all the processes and specific details of the business.

    We also have experience in integrating the product that is being developed with the industry-related software used by the customer’s business.