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    About us

    Optimum-Web is a leading software outsourcing company which provides all types of technology solutions including hardware products, software, services and consulting in most industries including small, medium, enterprise and public sector organizations from across the globe.

    With the right people and the right partners, Optimum-Web manages to find solutions and help businesses cut costs, increase reliability, reduce risk and improve service.

    We have long-term contracts with companies from Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Australia, United States, Canada, and others.

    We consider our main goal to be delivering the highest quality solutions that enhance our customer’s business and save his money.

    Our development centers are based in Eastern Europe (Ukraine and Moldova), this gives us the possibility to work with European companies with the minimum time difference, which is very comfortable for our clients.


    What we do

    Our developers successfully implement projects using Java, Python, С++, PHP, JavaScript languages. We have wide experience with such popular frameworks as Spring, Symfony 2/3, Zend Framework 2/3, Django/Flask, Yii. Our IT experts possess strong skills in modern Javascript frameworks such as AngularJS, ReactJs, and IonicJS.

    Our mobile development department is capable of creating all sorts of mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.

    We normally work using one of the following collaboration models:

    – Dedicated development team

    – Development center (DC)

    – Fixed budget model

    If you want to know more about collaboration models we propose, please visit Collaboration models page.


    Experience growth isn’t just a nice-to-do thing, it’s a must do, if you expect to gain maximum success and happiness from your work!

    We, at Optimum-Web, know that, and we are continuously broadening our knowledge in IT.

    During 17 years of work, we’ve got priceless experience in many industry and technology domains and developed hundreds of projects for clients all over the world.

    Optimum-web team works using only modern and the most efficient approaches. Our software development methodologies vary depending on the project and we have the most of experience with Agile, Scrum and Waterfall models.

    Thanks to using CRM platform and project management systems we had saved a lot of time, which lead to a more efficient work and management. To know more about our development process you are welcome to our Process page.